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"We must ignore status and class... one nation arise" ~Saga

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Compare German NS, American NS Cultism, & PLE Legionism:
German NS:
American NS Cultism:
PLE Legionism:
  1. Brought the nation's defense tradition into politics.
  2. Represented a synthesis of free enterprise and socialism.
  3. Primarily advocated gains by peace and negotiation.
  4. An enormous emphasis on camaraderie and community.
  5. Diplomatically negotiated with all races.
  6. Hitler wrote that he started without other people's baggage.
  7. Engaged the potential of women.
  8. Offered a cultural revival of new values as the way to power.
  9. Established "block organizers" as the first rung of the NSDAP (the model for a future national community).
  10. Still widely associated with genocide in the popular mind.
  11. A political ideology that was deeply rooted in German history and social conditions.
  12. Conversion process greatly assisted by unusually strong social stresses, such as the economy, the rise of Marxism, and cultural displacement through new technologies.
  1. Brought some other nation's tradition into politics.
  2. Mostly serves those who engage in free enterprise.
  3. Does not negotiate, devalues peace, and does not advance.
  4. A Survival of the fit environment for participants.
  5. Advocates the genocide of all nonWhite races.
  6. Don't reinvent the wheel, ignore that part of Mein Kampf.
  7. Primarily oriented to "manly interests."
  8. Racially materialistic, postpones the cultural revival.
  9. No communities raised up with conscious Whites since 1945.
  10. Proposes to clean that stigma up with revisionism, but then openly proposes genocide anyway.
  11. More of a fashion from the heart, as Liberalism is, often promoting similar interpretations of NS Germany as its opponents (AKA "Hollywood Nazism").
  12. A conversion process dependent upon the fall of the White community's prospects, social isolation, and the cult technique of privilaged leaders staying safe while they "blood the troops."
  1. Brought the nation's defense tradition into politics.
  2. PLEs are a combination of free enterprise and social proposals.
  3. Primarily advocates gains by peace and negotiation.
  4. An enormous emphasis on camaraderie and community.
  5. Advocates negotiating with all races.
  6. Advocates starting fresh without other people's baggage.
  7. Proposes to engage the potential of women.
  8. Advocates PLEs as the vessel of a proposed culture revival.
  9. WNs would form local communities of the conscious (PLEs), then go about the task of terraforming the Old White community's culture.
  10. Incorporates revisionism into a PLE's cultural revival, but only to facilitate a public debate.
  11. A pragmatic White American identity about camaraderie, community, and cultural revival that learns from previous historical examples.
  12. A conversion process greatly assisted by a restoration of community and cultural chemistry; including the recovery of families, individuals, and trust to personal relationships.
Folks often ask, What can I read to help me understand more? The following PLE & Protecting The Mind is very informative as posted by Haman at Stormfront.

One of the distinctions between PLE activists and many others, thus far, is that they recognize that the Old White community's cultural dynamics are obsolete.

PLE activists see that the Old White community's culture endured a lot of stresses but eventually snapped and lost its bearings.

If we take an even longer view, examining an event like this in the context of Western history, we can also see that this is when cults begin to emerge.

The process is not all that different from when a tree falls in the forest, as it provides an opportunity for all kinds of creatures to take up residence in its disintegrating environment. Scientists refer to the process in nature as bio-degradation.

The Old White community became very much like a tree which fell in the forest, for its lack of vitality allows Jewish Supremacists and many other competitors to prey on it.

Another interesting aspect to the Old White community's cultural crisis is the way there are symptoms exhibited on an individual basis as well.

Most of the victims are in mainstream society, such as those who merely sound pro-White (or racist) but who actually treat their fellow White workers or neighbors in a disfunctional way.

And because many otherwise intelligent WNs also fail to properly assess the Old White community's true condition, and remain caught up in it, the political solutions they propose about raising up the Old White community fall on culturally deaf ears.

Often addicted to certain behaviors or cultisms, there's no shortage of Whites who believe that they somehow can and deserve to come to power without even moving from self-centeredness to camaraderie, or practicing this on a small scale in a new society.

A reliable rule of thumb about cults is this: If a mentor brings about changes in the beliefs of his followers through the calculated use of stressors that cause an emotional breakdown, or intentionally "bloods the troops," there's reason to suspect that it's brainwashing.

On the other hand, if the transformation of a person's beliefs emerges out of a Western cultural or religious revival, the gentler process is better able to retain moral legitimacy.

Many cultists, however, believe that everything would be allright if only others would get on board and accept the same beliefs and habits that have long locked them into social impotence.

Terra-forming the Old White community, and even the ways of many fellow WNs, is the task ahead. And the following suggested study list offers immense value for protecting or recovering the minds of White people as part of the PLE's contemporary approach to culture revival:

* Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman 'Snapping - America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change.' New York, New York: Stillpoint Press Inc. 1995 This may be the leading book ever written on the mechanics of cult thinking.

* Langone Ph. D, Michael [editor] 'Recovery From Cults - Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse' New York, New York: American Family Foundation 1993

* Duke, David 'My Awakening' Covington, Louisiana: Free Speech Press 1998 The chapter detailing Jewish Supremacism in the media is especially useful.

* Briggs, Dorthy Corkville 'Your Child's Self Esteem' New York, New York: Bantam, Doubleday, Dell 1967 This is a mainstream book, but it covers in remarkable detail the importance of children developing a strong identity.

* Founding Fathers 'The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.' Washington DC: Cato Institute 2002 As the Old White community disintegrates, even many Whites foolishly disparage this venerable White ethnic document instead of reclaiming it.

* Maltz, Maxwell 'Psycho-Cybernetics - A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life' New York, New York: Prentice Hall 1960 This source may also interest many people, as it was being read by James Earl Ray just shortly before the assassination of Martin Luther King. And no, I don't know if it was one of Raul's recommendations.
Does Pioneer Little Europe have a symbol? I ask this because I see many different groups talking on this one concept called "PLE".

PLE is a complete white nationalist idea for community building and works as one large umbrella without a care as to what group another associates with or not. Under the theme of being centered around home and community our symbol is each actual mother with her children put into a safe home to stablize our birthrate numbers.
Are there other media resources outside of the mainstream closer to my views or are friendly to Whites?

Yes there are, besides the three major forums, White Nations, Stormfront, and VNN (listed and linked in the sidebar), we have Trutube and Metapedia which are White versions of Youtube and Wikipedia. Please get involved, use and upload videos and add data where you can. For civil rights in the politico PLE recommends White News Now. If you're a thinking person PLE recommends American Renaissance (AmRen) for deeper conversation or for more traditional values and morals with a political twist, American Family Association (AFA) and then there is news the media does not always cover at Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC).

Many of these websites are only running on donations, so please give what you can and when you can to keep them up and running.
Why are people donating money for a PLE in ND to FL?

The reason is simple, PLE is a clearing house and point of contact for many PLE folks. By sending money, dry goods, and clothing to an out of state location it protects PLE settlers from those who oppose our community for any number of reasons. That being said, Pioneer Little Europe is looking for statewide contact persons to have their information posted to our "GIFT" page.
How well do folks perceive or receive existing PLE's?

The media in general tends to use negative reinforced words while the general public is not fooled. One of the best and realistic responses found was by tumbleweed_texn at, Mon Aug 15, 2011, the author writes in posting;

"I still dont know much about the Montana Creativity Movement.
Therefore I would say I neither agree with or support their agenda.

Ive studied up on PLE's and it sounds as if there is a media slant in proving them to be more than they are not. They are seperatists, not supremecists. Big difference. If they want to promote their race and their agenda, shouldnt they have that freedom? We have indian scholarships, endowements for the black arts, mexicans fighting for immigration reform and gay rodeos. Each of these groups have their own communities nationwide where they are the majority. Im sure each of the said communities have some in extreme fringe in their midst, but yet the community still exists and people think thats multi-culturalism. Do the people who want to promote the white race not have that freedom?

I do not know anyone belonging to a PLE, nor would I care to live in one. I do however support their freedoms to live as they choose and if they wish to promote their own agenda, that is their right. Just because someone is white doesnt automatically make them wrong."

What other organizations do you recommend to get involved with that helps protect my way of life, American values, and Western civilization?

While there are not many, but they are growing in number due to blowback from the multicultrulist's adgenda, the one PLE recommends is the National Policy Insitute (NPI). Here is a short video.

I am a city person and enjoy the feel of working and living in a city. I am not wanting or willing to move to the countryside. What is the best city in America which holds my traditional values and where I can can feel safer?

Sadly the major cities have fallen into disrepair and most are no longer safe. There are a few smaller cities which have a jumble of thinkers, not all hold our values, but are majority European-American. PLE recommends one city in general with a word of caution; that, it is not a PLE focus area and therefore has little knowledge of the overall quality of life except to say we know there are supporters of tradidional European-American values living there. PLE's number one city of choice here is in the upper midwest region, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.