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The people is bounded its soil, bounded to its land, bounded to the possibilities of life that its nation, offers.

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Our number one question is asking for the reasoning behind the existence of Pioneer Little Europe and our Mission Statement. Below is a collected video of newscast giving good reason for the blowback for having a multicultural society (21st century) over what once was an assimilation society (19th and 20th centuries) to the American way.

"Older people who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, then they just have to die." ~ Oprah Winfrey on BBC Friday

Compare German NS, American NS Cultism, & PLE Cultural-Legionism:
German NS:
American NS Cultism:
PLE Cultural-Legionism:
  1. Brought the nation's defense tradition into politics.
  2. Represented a synthesis of free enterprise and socialism.
  3. Primarily advocated gains by peace and negotiation.
  4. An enormous emphasis on camaraderie and community.
  5. Diplomatically negotiated with all races.
  6. Hitler wrote that he started without other people's baggage.
  7. Engaged the potential of women.
  8. Offered a cultural revival of new values as the way to power.
  9. Established "block organizers" as the first rung of the NSDAP (the model for a future national community).
  10. Still widely associated with genocide in the popular mind.
  11. A political ideology that was deeply rooted in German history and social conditions.
  12. Conversion process greatly assisted by unusually strong social stresses, such as the economy, the rise of Marxism, and cultural displacement through new technologies.
  1. Brought some other nation's tradition into politics.
  2. Mostly serves those who engage in free enterprise.
  3. Does not negotiate, devalues peace, and does not advance.
  4. A Survival of the fit environment for participants.
  5. Advocates the genocide of all non-White races.
  6. Don't reinvent the wheel, ignore that part of Mein Kampf.
  7. Primarily oriented to "manly interests."
  8. Racially materialistic, postpones the cultural revival.
  9. No communities raised up with conscious Whites since 1945.
  10. Proposes to clean that stigma up with revisionism, but then openly proposes genocide anyway.
  11. More of a fashion from the heart, as Liberalism is, often promoting similar interpretations of NS Germany as its opponents (AKA "Hollywood Nazism").
  12. A conversion process dependent upon the fall of the White community's prospects, social isolation, and the cult technique of privileged leaders staying safe while they "blood the troops."
  1. Brought the nation's defense tradition into politics.
  2. PLEs are a combination of free enterprise and social proposals.
  3. Primarily advocates gains by peace and negotiation.
  4. An enormous emphasis on camaraderie and community.
  5. Advocates negotiating with all races.
  6. Advocates starting fresh without other people's baggage.
  7. Proposes to engage the potential of women.
  8. Advocates PLEs as the vessel of a proposed culture revival.
  9. WNs would form local communities of the conscious (PLEs), then go about the task of terraforming the Old White community's culture.
  10. Incorporates revisionism into a PLE's cultural revival, but only to facilitate a public debate.
  11. A pragmatic White American identity about camaraderie, community, and cultural revival that learns from previous historical examples.
  12. A conversion process greatly assisted by a restoration of community and cultural chemistry; including the recovery of families, individuals, and trust to personal relationships.
Folks often ask, What can I read to help me understand more? The following PLE & Protecting The Mind is very informative as posted by Haman at Stormfront.

One of the distinctions between PLE activists and many others, thus far, is that they recognize that the Old White community's cultural dynamics are obsolete.

PLE activists see that the Old White community's culture endured a lot of stresses but eventually snapped and lost its bearings.

If we take an even longer view, examining an event like this in the context of Western history, we can also see that this is when cults begin to emerge.

The process is not all that different from when a tree falls in the forest, as it provides an opportunity for all kinds of creatures to take up residence in its disintegrating environment. Scientists refer to the process in nature as bio-degradation.

The Old White community became very much like a tree which fell in the forest, for its lack of vitality allows Jewish Supremacists and many other competitors to prey on it.

Another interesting aspect to the Old White community's cultural crisis is the way there are symptoms exhibited on an individual basis as well.

Most of the victims are in mainstream society, such as those who merely sound pro-White (or racist) but who actually treat their fellow White workers or neighbors in a dysfunctional way.

And because many otherwise intelligent WNs also fail to properly assess the Old White community's true condition, and remain caught up in it, the political solutions they propose about raising up the Old White community fall on culturally deaf ears.

Often addicted to certain behaviors or cultisms, there's no shortage of Whites who believe that they somehow can and deserve to come to power without even moving from self-centeredness to camaraderie, or practicing this on a small scale in a new society.

A reliable rule of thumb about cults is this: If a mentor brings about changes in the beliefs of his followers through the calculated use of stressors that cause an emotional breakdown, or intentionally "bloods the troops," there's reason to suspect that it's brainwashing.

On the other hand, if the transformation of a person's beliefs emerges out of a Western cultural or religious revival, the gentler process is better able to retain moral legitimacy.

Many cultists, however, believe that everything would be all right if only others would get on board and accept the same beliefs and habits that have long locked them into social impotence.

Terra-forming the Old White community, and even the ways of many fellow WNs, is the task ahead. And the following suggested study list offers immense value for protecting or recovering the minds of White people as part of the PLE's contemporary approach to culture revival:

* Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman 'Snapping - America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change.' New York, New York: Stillpoint Press Inc. 1995 This may be the leading book ever written on the mechanics of cult thinking.

* Langone Ph. D, Michael [editor] 'Recovery From Cults - Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse' New York, New York: American Family Foundation 1993

* Duke, David 'My Awakening' Covington, Louisiana: Free Speech Press 1998 The chapter detailing Jewish Supremacism in the media is especially useful.

* Briggs, Dorthy Corkville 'Your Child's Self Esteem' New York, New York: Bantam, Doubleday, Dell 1967 This is a mainstream book, but it covers in remarkable detail the importance of children developing a strong identity.

* Founding Fathers 'The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.' Washington DC: Cato Institute 2002 As the Old White community disintegrates, even many Whites foolishly disparage this venerable White ethnic document instead of reclaiming it.

* Maltz, Maxwell 'Psycho-Cybernetics - A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life' New York, New York: Prentice Hall 1960 This source may also interest many people, as it was being read by James Earl Ray just shortly before the assassination of Martin Luther King. And no, I don't know if it was one of Raul's recommendations.
Does Pioneer Little Europe have a symbol? I ask this because I see many different groups talking on this one concept called "PLE".

PLE is a complete white nationalist idea for community building and works as one large umbrella without a care as to what group or any other type associates with or not. Under the theme of being centered around home and community our symbol is each actual mother with her children put into a safe home to stabilize our birthrate numbers.
Are there other media resources outside of the mainstream closer to my views or are friendly to Whites?

Yes there are, besides the three major forums, White Nations, Stormfront, and VNN (listed and linked in the sidebar), we have Trutube and Metapedia which are White versions of Youtube and Wikipedia. Please get involved, use and upload videos and add data where you can. For civil rights in the politico PLE recommends White News Now. If you're a thinking person PLE recommends American Renaissance (AmRen) for deeper conversation or for more traditional values and morals with a political twist, American Family Association (AFA) and then there is news the media does not always cover at Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC).

Many of these websites are only running on donations, so please give what you can and when you can to keep them up and running.
How well do folks perceive or receive existing PLE's?

The media in general tends to use negative reinforced words while the general public is not fooled. One of the best and realistic responses found was by tumbleweed_texn at, Mon Aug 15, 2011, the author writes in posting;

"I still don't know much about the Montana Creativity Movement.
Therefore I would say I neither agree with or support their agenda.

Ive studied up on PLE's and it sounds as if there is a media slant in proving them to be more than they are not. They are separatists, not supremacists. Big difference. If they want to promote their race and their agenda, shouldn't they have that freedom? We have Indian scholarships, endowments for the black arts, Mexicans fighting for immigration reform and gay rodeos. Each of these groups have their own communities nationwide where they are the majority. I'm sure each of the said communities have some in extreme fringe in their midst, but yet the community still exists and people think that's multiculturalism. Do the people who want to promote the white race not have that freedom?

I do not know anyone belonging to a PLE, nor would I care to live in one. I do however support their freedoms to live as they choose and if they wish to promote their own agenda, that is their right. Just because someone is white doesn't automatically make them wrong."

What other organizations do you recommend to get involved with that helps protect my way of life, American values, and Western civilization?

While there are not many, but they are growing in number due to blowback from the multiculturalist's agenda, the one PLE recommends is the National Policy Institute (NPI).

I am a city person and enjoy the feel of working and living in a city. I am not wanting or willing to move to the countryside. What is the best city in America which holds my traditional values and where I can can feel safer?

Sadly the major cities have fallen into disrepair and most are no longer safe. There are a few smaller cities which have a jumble of thinkers, not all hold our values, but are majority European-American. PLE recommends one city in general with a word of caution; that, it is not a PLE focus area and therefore has little knowledge of the overall quality of life except to say we know there are supporters of traditional European-American values living there. PLE's number one city of choice here is in the upper Midwest region, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
By author Haman
Citation to Stormfront

Question: What is the present state of the White community?

Answer: The existing type of White community is in a culturally collapsed and politically impotent condition. And unlike any other community, the representatives of its profile are discouraged from expressing themselves within the legal system and popular culture.

Question: Why does that matter?

Answer: The survival tools of the White race are in its culture. And when community and camaraderie are absent, so is influence.

Question: How do we know that this has really happened?

Answer: The competitors and opponents of Whites now routinely target the most ideal (weakest) areas within the existing type of White community(ies), ethnically cleansing until there's White flight, and then use those footholds as strongholds to continue the process.

And the existing type is barely existing, as it has so very many cultural props missing; especially its legal supports.

Question: Are there others ways to be that the existing type of White community is obsolete?

Answer: You'll be able to observe all the following things when the White community has missing cultural connections: It will give up its living spaces to others; even Whites on the job with strong views about race will treat other Whites with the same views disrespectfully; even WNs will disparage the value of asserting their democratic (small d) right to a community profile while all others are flexing theirs (Chinese, Indians, gays), confusing this neglected value with a very undemocratic system that's rendered them second class citizens.

Question: What is the solution to this?

Answer: PLE (Pioneer Little Europe) supporters advocate raising up a new model of the White community, within the existing type of White community, and that will act like a concentration of kindling in a fireplace to culturally terraform our people.

Question: Are there any historical examples of this ever succeeding?

Answer: Yes, Irish Nationalists concentrated themselves in the Dublin area between the 1890s and 1916; the British Union of Fascists & National Socialists concentrated themselves in London's East End in the early 1930s, the suffragettes used the exact same area during WW1; and Germany's right and left both concentrated themselves in Munich during the 1920s (eventually forming a synthesis). Each experienced enormous success and worldwide recognition from the magnified effect caused by concentrating.

Question: There's PLE activity now throughout the world, but if someone moves to the Pacific Northwest isn't that running away?

Answer: Certainly not. PLE locations are determined by whatever location an organizer actually springs up and make invitations. We are White Nationalists and should feel free to relocate either permanently or temporarily to any location WITHIN the existing type of White community because it has an urgent need for our support; just as David Duke was willing to travel even alone to countless cities and towns.

Question: For what kinds of locations can we expect even pro-White people to initially oppose our intention to raise up PLEs?

Answer: Expect many well meaning "friends" not to grasp that our true opponents are burning massive holes in the existing type of White communities, easily displacing any Whites living in whatever areas they target for their own communities, so initially we'll be verbally opposed by those who will say: "Don't do this with the Whites clinging to the city, you'll be overwhelmed," and "don't pick an area in that region, as the people who go there will be running away," and "don't do this in the Pacific Northwest because it's cold in the winter and offers fewer jobs."

The truth, however, is that the messages of concentrating the conscious, of community and camaraderie, and of negotiation and militancy, absolutely must be brought to all our people. And although some areas are certainly more ideal than others, it's the availability of a motivated local organizer that's going to decide a given PLE's location. As that is the case, our opponents really don't know where this new kind of social fire, partly visible and partly invisible, will break out next.

Question: Are there different types of PLEs?

Yes: To begin with, most WNs today are still physically isolated individuals, even if they are on someone's mailing-list or the Internet. This is a very important thing to notice, because politics actually means COMMUNITY (from the ancient Greek concept of the polis or ethnic community) and that connectedness in the real world is where power comes from.

EMERGENCY PLE: As such, it's recommended that WNs quickly form PLEs when ever possible in their present neighborhoods, on the jobs, in the military, in the hospital, schools, and even on the bus or in jail. In fact, in an informal sense we say "A PLE exists wherever two are more White Nationalists are gathered in this noble race's name."

IDEAL PLE TARGET AREAS: These are the places where there's enough space and resources (ref. The PLE Prospectus for additional details about ideal locations) to support all those who would actually relocate in order to flex a much higher degree of influence.

PURIST PLEs?: Occasionally people who haven't read or understood the PLE Prospectus will say that they would be interested if they can banish the other Stormfronters who aren't into their particular pro-White spin from the target area. That approach kept the movement divided and powerless, so unseen provocateurs will certainly encourage that again and again - and much worse from the safety of the Internet.

What goes on in an open PLE target area, however, is that the purist organizations and individuals there will be free to exclude whoever they want. But turning away other truly cooperative and supportive Stormfronters from Stormfront or the PLE target area itself needs to be viewed as highly suspicious, so be prepared instead to pitch your views to any friendly strangers, the WNs conscious enough to travel a very long way.

Are PLEs ever completely located on any one person's property?

One of the greatest tactical errors of White Nationalism in the past - which PLE addresses with enormous emphasis - is the sole ownership of any alternative White community. This is because the illegal actions of even one loose cannon participant or agent provocateur can cause that owner to be solely liable in a legal sense for any damages occurring anywhere else.

The Reverend Butler's Aryan Nations compound in Idaho and Robert Shelton's United Klans of America in Alabama, for example, were both financially crushed due to exactly those circumstances.

As such, what's recommended is that we use instead the strategy of our successful opponents and competitors, where there are so many owners of property in the PLE target area that the criss-crossing of its many individuals and groups becomes bewildering for any hostile observers to track.

Question: Is PLE about encouraging what's popularly known as "racism" or racial hatred?

Answer: If you're talking about us promoting the concept of race detached from any sober concern for cultural values, where our race's survival tools are, then no, that would merely be a spiritually empty materialism. More accurately PLE is an ethnic approach to things, as in race AND culture.

Is PLE about publicly disrespecting people who are racially mixed?

There are all kinds of attitudes about racially mixed people throughout the world, including a private view within many high cultures that outsiders are merely chaff, but it's more modern and realistic to see that racially mixed populations are still part of the world ecology. For example, consider the long string of mixed nations which separate Europe from the Orient: These provide a buffer or fence for the more consistent esthetics and cultural types to stabilize themselves. On the other hand, if a high culture simply conquers such areas and absorbs their populations racially and culturally, it eventually experiences a collapse.

Question: Is PLE about encouraging violence?

If you examine the political/cultural/lifestyle communities of our competitors and opponents, those who already flex enormous influence in this country, what you'll notice is that they already employ the same open community approach to organizing.

Then it becomes a matter of common sense what will happen: If such open communities are attacked in a manner that their residents consider immoral, unfair, or illegal, the militants experience a rise in sympathy and support, but when the residents are permitted to peacefully increase their influence and civil rights, it's quiet and business continues normally. This is the PLE projection as well.

Question: If that's the case, then why do the PLE supporters direct these so called "racist materialists" into the PLE's target area?

As the cultural integrity of the existing type of White community continues to collapse, for the reasons I've already given, there's a corresponding rise in the number of casualties who've developed a feral state of mind. Look on the school campuses, for example, where gangs proliferate and only White students are told that their ethnic community's identity is evil. Many of the White students react by becoming quite threatening themselves.

Should anyone really be surprised if a growing percentage declare themselves to be militants, haters, or cultists when they alone are not accommodated as a real community?

So no, just as the Zionists raising up Israel didn't turn away any feral minded supporters - those who had experienced their own vulnerability while having no stable living space during WW2 - we can't afford that either. And a PLE's culture revival will guide every one of the casualties among our people onto the road to recovery.

Another way to explain this is to have someone imagine what happens whenever a common house cat is abandoned in the woods. It learns to distrust people and becomes hard just to survive.

Question: Are Jews invited to live in PLE target areas?

No, for just as America's non-White communities don't invite Whites to actually move in among them, a PLE extends invitations only to its own people (conscious Whites). Despite this, because PLEs are otherwise open communities on the streets of America (where the purists groups within them can exclude anyone they deem necessary), there will be nothing to prevent any pro-White group or individual from having or not having contacts or occasional visits from any race; whether for legal assistance, political alliances, or profitable business in the shops.

If you're finding this difficult to visualize, then consider for a moment how Chinese communities operate. No one invades them, outsiders are free to do business with them, and they function as a foothold in America for all Chinese business and culture. China towns are also spreading rapidly, as they are a successful form of exclusion unlike the close-proximity segregation system which once ruled the South.

Question: Will a PLE's residents actually chase out the people who dislike their presence?

Answer: That would be a violation of the federal civil rights laws, so no, that's not what's being advocated here. Instead, PLE residents are urged to quickly raise up an "Uncontrolled White Nationalist Culture" for their opponents to voluntarily avoid. This is how it's done by any ethnic group on the rise in this country, whether it's the Chinese hanging up dried chickens in the windows or the Gays holding highly visible parades and street parties.

Question: You've said that these PLEs (Pioneer Little Europes or proposed Stormfronts of the street) will be open to all pro-White spins, groups, and individuals, and you don't require anyone to follow even the recommended spin, but for anyone interested what is it?

Answer: It's populism, America's own somewhat more democratic national socialism, the tradition that served Long, Coughlin, Lindbergh, Townsend, Duke (and to some degree even Roosevelt).

Question: Due to their feral state of mind - given the enormous cultural collapse of the existing type of White community - a certain fraction of PLE supporters are still going to want to promote a foreign militant creed instead of taking up this native populism you're talking about, so what are the advantages to it?

Answer: Our own populism, as a somewhat more democratic and evolved example of the worldwide national socialism of the last century, offers an aspect that permits a kind of "temporary legionism" to be brought right into politics without violating the US Constitution - if and when necessary at all.

Question: Could you list a few Americans who have resorted to this temporary militancy in politics?

Answer: Yes, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Nathan B. Forrest, Huey Long, Franklin Roosevelt. And a postwar incident which occurred in Athens, Tennessee in August of 1946 offers an extreme example though on a local basis (see Wikipedia).

Question: How would this temporary militancy, which you say is permitted by the Constitution of the United States (though rarely discussed in the media for fear of it), be employed today?

Answer: You know and I know that we're morally entitled to White communities that aren't being targeted for ethnic cleansing, so we may have to occasionally stand up for that right and take our chances in open court.

What's recommended in the PLE prospectus is a common front of veteran legionnaires, whatever their more personal political spins (some of which are can be quite colorful), who would operate out of visible and invisible posts associated with the local PLE area.

And that shouldn't be dismissed as an experiment, because our competitors and opponents are already availing themselves of such LOCAL posts WITHIN their own political/cultural/lifestyle communities (strongholds).

You've mentioned the Jewish question, but how does this native populism handle the really controversial topic of Adolf Hitler? And I'm obviously asking this because so many people think there's some kind of association to you.

Answer: A modern development of our populism is that the PLE supporters will lay claim to all of White history, worldwide, but then we'll support free speech, including positive criticism, whether it's about Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt or anyone else.

That will be a hard pill for any cultists to swallow, some of whom will be within the PLE target area, because they must either learn to trust other White Nationalists to eventually sort it out in the interest of solidarity and community - or the cultists must persuade their critics within the target area to adopt their particular spin.